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Spectral transmittance of the spectacle scale of grass snakes (Natrix natrix) and house geckos (Hemidactylus frenatus)Significance of the StudyAnimals have the natural instinct to ensure their survival thus it is vital that animals have a protective outer body covering. Some examples of these are skin found in humans, feathers in birds, and scales in reptiles and fishes. According to Hyman (1992), the scales that are present in reptiles and fishes, although similar in function, descended from different ancestors thus they are analogous structures. Reptile scales formed from the epidermal layer of the skin that has a cornified layer which accounts for the horny texture of the scales (Hyman, 1992). These are usually shed off in a species specific timeframe. In addition to scales, reptiles, particularly Order Squamata, have keratinized coverings on their eyes which are called spectacles (Doorn & Sivak, 2015). These spectacle scales serve as an additional layer of protection for reptilian eyes and are also occasionally shed off along with the other body scales. As these scales cover the eyes, they are able to let light pass through them thus they may be spectrophotometrically analyzed. According to Reamillo (2009), spectrophotometry is a process wherein the absorbance of a sample is quantitatively measured. Absorbance readings at wavelengths of the visible spectra may be used to form an absorption spectrum specific to a sample as no two substances have the same absorption spectrum. The absorption spectrum may be used as a standard in comparing absorbance readings of other samples in order to determine their identity. A standard curve may also be formed from absorbance readings at one wavelength which is used to obtain the concentration of certain substances in the sample.Both specimens that will be used for this study are members of Class Reptilia (Fowler & Cubas, 2008). Under this Class is Order Squamata which in turn is composed of Suborder Sauria which are genereally called the lizards and Suborder Serpentes which are the snakes (Spilsbury & Rixon, 2005). The grass snake (Natrix natrix) is a member of Suborder Serpentes and is abundant in tropical areas (Wegener, 2012). Hemidactylus frenatus, otherwise known as house geckos, are native to Southeast Asia (Fiedler & Kareiva, 2012). These two species will be used as representative species of the different suborders of Order Squamata in the study.The Philippines is known to be a tropical country which houses tropical rainforests. Tropical climate provides optimal environmental conditions which ensure the propagation of different animal species thus it could be said that the country is species rich (Adams, 2010). With this in mind, the study was conducted only in the Philippine setting. Specifically, specimens will be collected will only originate from the vicinity of Los Baños, Laguna. Furthermore, the study will only focus on the spectrophoto


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