Hotel Rwanda Reflective Essay

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Hotel Rwanda Reflective Essay #0


The genocide was an atrocity made by one group of people to other race because they don´t share the same ideals, believe or culture. This is very intentional and the plan to extinguish a group of people is inhuman. Which is a dumb way to solve a conflict in a country, but in the pass has considered this systematic destruction to solve issues and the best way to clean an entire nation.The protagonist constantly bribes the army general for the protection of the hotel occupants of the armed militia. Even though that was a difficult task and the second main issue is self-sufficiency when external force refused to intervene the genocide in Rwanda. The West's refusal to intervene is seen when the UN peacekeeping force has orders not to use its weapons. UN reinforcements arrive, only to evacuate many UN peacekeepers and foreign nationals from Rwanda and the hotel. This way the UN does not gets directly in the war, it also means that the government has planned for that to happen. No one would help the people from the extermination.The Hotel Rwanda is a very disturbing movie, but also very hopeful, as it shows how during a horrific brutality. The scene where the car passed above dead bodies unconsciously, this was a horror for Paul, to see many of innocent people slaughtered. We could see the massacre from the Hutu against the Tutsi, this creates a war in Rwanda causing many people to worry and find a way to survive or escape but for nothing if the power of the militia was way superior so it was in vain to run, and hide forever.When Paul runs out of supplies and with what to bribes the army general, so the people who are sheltered by him or “cockroaches”, called by the militia,


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