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Great parenting?Atticus is father of the key characters in the book, Scout and Jem. He also is a decent and noble man. But does that make him a good parent? And does he have a good relation with his children? When looking at Atticus as a parent, he tends to be a patient teacher. He shows his children how to react in difficult situations. For example, Scout sometimes reacts aggressively and violently when her father gets criticized. Atticus tells her that these people are prejudiced and can best be ignored. To attack them may only confirm them in their false accusations. In fact, an aggressive response is exactly what they want. Another example is how Atticus leads his son Jem to maturity throughout the book. He shows him how to look after Scout, which Jem does increasingly well. He also teaches him that some things are worth fighting for, even if success is very unlikely. This last thing concerns the case of Tom Robinson who is black and has been accused for raping a white girl. Atticus has t


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