Is Modern Culture Ruining Childhood

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Is Modern Culture Ruining Childhood?Nowadays modern culture is almost everywhere in our world. As a result, it has harmful effect for kid’s life. Modern culture we can call smart technologies, for example: mobile phones, tablets, computers or televisions. Contemporary kids don’t imagine their life without these technologies. Before 20th century children were happy with simple toys, but now life has really changed. Kids more and more just sit to touch screen and see nothing about them. Of course, it ruins their childhood.One main reason is that modern culture ruining childhood is bad for kid’s health. Firstly, smart technologies can cause diseases, such as heart, obesity, diabetes and other different diseases. When kids just watching TV and looking at phone screen, they became sedentary and instinctively eat what they want. Always it causes these serious diseases and kids are becoming victims of modern culture. Secondly, modern culture can induce psychological problems. Children always read information in the internet, which is not really true, but they shattered. Then they become feeling stress without a reason. From stress often arise anxiety, exhaustion and so on. One other reason that modern culture ruining childhood is th


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