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Anti-Inflammatory dietIntroductionThe human body is a very complex machine capable of healing and protecting itself from a host of illnesses and disease, and regarding this self- protection mechanism, it uses several methods Inflammation is one of them. Our body's way of fighting off infections includes certain types of chemical reactions that help the body realize that something is wrong by sending the right pain signals to the brain. It also helps facilitate healing through increased blood flow towards the places in question. Some substances the body produces depend on the type of irritation/infection present. However, anything in excess can be harmful to the body. The same goes with too much inflammation, which leads to various types of life threatening illnesses including: Stroke Diabetes (Type 2) Ulcerative colitis Inflammatory bowelLupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and other forms of disease involving the body's attacking its own immune system Chronic pain Our bodies are made up of what we eat. If we eat healthy foods that are high in vitamins and minerals we are helping our bodies to grow strong, fight off diseases and to function at our best. But, when we fail to eat healthily and exercise our bodies are not given the substances that they need to thrive and begin to shut down and turn against itself. One way that our bodies protect itself is through pain and a process known as inflammation. This inflammation process is a defense mechanism to protect the damaged area and begin the healing process. In this book will talk about inflammation and how our diet plays a vital role in keeping it healthy and why when we start to see unusual patterns in our healing we need to stop and take a look at the causes as well as treatments. One major factor that you will want to consider when dealing with inflammation is the diet that we consume. For many, the word diet means losing weight. Even though weight plays a key role in inflammation and overall health it is not the diet I am talking about. A diet in this context is the types of foods that we eat and not the process of losing weight. When we tailor our diets to fit a particular goal or lifestyle, our bodies will begin to adjust to that lifestyle and be at its peak abilities. The anti-inflammatory lifestyle is not a fad diet. It is a way of life change that can add years to your life and life to your years. Embracing this lifestyle can help treat or reduce the risk of a variety of chronic diseases and conditions. This lifestyle can be beneficial for anyone at any time. Noticeable benefits can occur in as little as two weeks. So, come along and jump on the anti-inflammatory lifestyle for the healthies ride of your life!What is inflammation?Pain, swelling, redness, and heating up of body parts are just some of symptoms of inflammation. They occur when natural immune system reacts to different immune triggers. Every time you catch a cold, or get some injury, the immune system comes to the stage. Whenever our body is hurt, white blood cells (the immune system) comes up and remove things. During this phase, the inflammation occurs as a sign everything is going well. It is almost a perfect system.We say almost because sometimes immune system forgets to back up or strikes without any need. In other words, the immune system is imbalanced, and the inflammation remains. Imbalanced immune system happens in some condition like acute arthritis when your body's defense system triggers the immune system to send an inflammatory response, even when your body not under attack. In these conditions instead protecting the body, the immune system does damage to the tissue and as if the immune system thinks that the normal tissues are infected or abnormal.When inflammation happens, chemicals of white blood cells reach the damaged tissue to defend it from foreign substances. When these chemicals rush to injured part, blood flow also increases to that area, resulting in swelling. So, that is the main issue. When our body catches the wrong triggers, bad things happen.Besides bacteria or injuries, some other factors contribute to this state.Imbalanced bacteria growth in the gastrointestinal tractToxic substances from the environmentEmotional, physical, or psychological stressDiet and foodThere are two types of inflammation, chronic and acute.Acute inflammation is the early phase of inflammation. Some of the immediate symptoms include heat, swelling, and pain, and sometimes losing function of a particular body part. During the acute inflammation, foreign bodies get eliminated, and the tissue gets reparation. If the acute inflammation does not occur, infection and wounds will never heal.Chronic inflammation is also called prolonged inflammation. Chronic inflammation results in constant shifting in the kind of cells existing in the areas of inflammation. In the time, constant damaging and healing of the tissue occurs. The chronic inflammation may be a result of:Body failure to remove agents that are causing infectionAutoimmune reaction to self-agentsLow-intensity constant irritants persistent in the bodyChronic inflammation will not occur if the immune system works perfectly. The worst part about chronic inflammation is that it can persist for many years and can be trigged even with simple habits, like eating food.Inflammation: What is the problem?If you still have doubts regarding the anti-inflammation diet, we will share some of the evidence linking chronic inflammation with chronic diseases. According to different articles, many inflammation markers in the body are directly or indirectly related to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and asthma. Even healthy cells sometimes mount an immune response against normal cells, resulting in an inflammatory attack on individual tissues. This is how inflammation is related to autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, lupus, or psoriasis. As explained earlier, inflammation is not a bad thing. It is the first response of the immune system to irritation or infection. These reactions are important as they keep the body from doing further damage to the wound or injury by promoting pain and swelling around the injured parts. The issue with the inflammation is when the inflammation is prolonged or starts with different triggers even when the body is not injured. In other words, our body is defending from the invisible attacker. When the body starts to defend, it causes inflammation without any reason, and that is what damages tissues. You may feel this is not very important, but it really is. Inflammation can cause serious health problems if not treated properly. In the further text, we will discuss how inflammation affects our health and why is it important to hold it at minimum levels.Inflammation and cardiovascular disease:By the term cardiovascular disease, we can include conditions such as stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. At first glance, there is no visible link, but micro injuries caused by the inflammation can lead to these conditions. In other words, prolong inflammation puts people at risk of heart diseases. This creates an unbroken circle as risk factors for the heart diseases increase inflammation, and in turn, the inflammation increases the risk of heart diseases. You may be wondering what does an anti-inflammation diet has got to do with it?Reducing inflammation through a diet will reduce inflammation mediators, and therefore reduce the oxidative damages to cells. Furthermore, reducing inflammation and blood pressure through diet and exercises can reduce the risk of cardiovascular risks. In the end, reducing inflammation can decrease those micro injuries of the tissues that promote even further inflammation, and finally, break that never-ending cycle. An anti-inflammatory diet can accomplish all these things because this diet promotes a healthier lifestyle through healthier food and exercises. By decreasing intake of toxins and improving their elimination, you c


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