About us

About us


Scieee.com is a virtual library of knowledge and science resources on the Internet for every person. Information on our site can be shared and exchanged by students, teachers, entrepreneurs, company executives, employees, civil servants and all other people who need comprehensive and high-quality knowledge in a particular field.

Each educational institution students, receive a task - to go deeper into a particular topic and prepare a written work. These works are usually written, presented to the teacher and later deposited in drawers or computers are not used.

In the written work the student deeply examines the topic that is needed, therefore the information provided in the written work is deep and qualitative. In addition, this information is verified by a teacher - this ensures that the quality, accuracy and value of the information are even more advanced.

Continuous surveys of people who downloaded jobs - how does a student use downloaded work? The results show that the most frequently downloaded job is used as the knowledge, ideas and information source when writing their own work. Most learners use the site as a virtual library. This corresponds to the concept of the report itself - the paper is a scientific paper written on the basis of scientific sources.

We always encourage students to use the downloaded work as a source of knowledge, ideas and information for personal learning, to quote correctly. The site also has a plagiarized checking system that ensures that the documents are used for their intended purpose.

With the development of technologies, all information is and will be more and more freely available to everybody in due time, therefore the learning process should focus on finding information and the ability to effectively apply it in specific practical tasks. It promotes the process of development - to refuse to re-write the same information and to use the already existing and systematized knowledge for performing new tasks and practical tasks.

Our goal is to enable people to exchange scientific information, experience and knowledge to each student, the student's or teacher's examination of the subject, manifest, and proven expertise to all users who have this valuable information required for personal development and learning. In this way, people can convey one experience to one another through the creation of a united community. Experience and knowledge are the key to everyone on the road to success.